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Peachstate Insurance Blog: 2_2016

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Renters insurance provides you with financial protection. It is generally an inexpensive way to gain protection of your contents and to reduce liability costs if you are sued. Nevertheless, there are several steps you can take to reduce how much you spend on this insurance. READ MORE >>

Sitting down and talking to your teen driver about anything can be a challenge. When it comes to car insurance, he or she may think they already know it all. Yet, as a parent, you know the value of auto insurance when used properly. It's important to pass on this experience and knowledge to your children. READ MORE >>

Driving is a privilege many people take for granted. They may drive after drinking, which increases the risk of getting into an accident. Or they may drive recklessly, speeding down highways and endangering other people’s lives. READ MORE >>

As the winter weather comes and temperatures drop, it more likely that your home's pipes could freeze up. Water running through the pipes can often freeze when temperatures drop significantly, especially at night. When this happens, it causes the metal piping to expand as the ice forms and pushes against it. READ MORE >>

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