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Peachstate Insurance Blog: 5_2016

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A key braking off inside a lock is a frustrating experience. But for apartment renters, it could throw a wrench in your day since many apartments only have one door. With no other way into your apartment, you have to deal with the issue as soon as possible. READ MORE >>

When it comes to knowing if you are covered, you need to read through your auto insurance policy. Many people don't realize the importance of doing just that. Every insurance policy has key documents within it that provide you with clear information about what coverage you do and do not have and what amount of protection is in place. READ MORE >>

Take a close look at your home insurance. How much coverage do you have? Do you have enough protection to safeguard your home against the most common claims made against these policies? Homeowners insurance is one of the most important types of financial protections to have in place, yet most property owners don't realize just how intense such claims can be. READ MORE >>

The requirement to purchase SR-22 insurance isn't an easy one to swallow. It means paying more for the auto insurance you need to have in order to drive. Many people who have had serious moving violations (such as a DUI or DWI) or those involved in an at-fault accident may need to maintain this requirement. READ MORE >>

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