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Marietta, Georgia sits northwest of Atlanta along I-75 and boasts many historical areas as well as a thriving culture. With its proximity to I-75 and a population of around 60,806, car crashes occur all too often in Marietta. A lot of state patrol cars and local police are installed with automatic tag readers and the police know instantly if you have insurance. That’s why it’s important to insure your vehicle to protect yourself. Peachstate Insurance works with different carriers to find the cheapest Georgia insurance for our clients. 

Around 30,880 residents of Marietta, Georgia are employed, which means they need reliable transportation to and from work. Whether you’re a standard or nonstandard driver, you can find insurance to fit your vehicle’s coverage needs.

Trade and trucking are also a large part of Georgia’s economic growth. Commercial auto insurance helps protect businesses if a worker crashes while performing work-related duties. Contrary to popular belief, personal auto insurance won’t usually cover commercial vehicles. Trucking insurance is auto insurance specifically tailored for both interstate and intrastate traveling trucks.

What Affects the Cost of Car Insurance in Marietta, Georgia?

Many factors affect car insurance premiums. Marietta unfortunately has a higher crime rate than most other cities. “High-risk” drivers are those who pay the most for car insurance because they’re most likely to file a claim. A person in Marietta, Georgia may be considered high-risk to insure simply because of their location. Other factors that affect car insurance cost include:

  • Credit Score
  • Type of Car
  • Driving Record
  • Claims History
  • Age
  • Gender 


How Does Auto Insurance Work?

When you have a wreck, you file a claim with the insurance company you have a policy with. They assess the damage and, if the accident is covered under your policy, the insurance agency offers compensation to pay for the damages or medical expenses as necessary.

How Much is Car Insurance in Marietta, Georgia?

Georgia car insurance is on the more expensive side compared to the national average. In Marietta, Georgia, you may pay around $117.25 to $251.7 a month for auto insurance. But our 25 years of auto insurance experience can make sure you get the right price with the right coverage right down the street.


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