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As one of Atlanta’s largest suburbs, Marietta continues to grow, change and offer considerable opportunities to north Georgians. It’s an established part of the region, known for its easygoing culture and multiple historic districts.

The city’s roadways offer easy access to greater Atlanta. However, given that a high population means there are a lot of drivers around, Marietta residents must carry car insurance. If you need coverage, come to Peachstate Insurance. We’ll help you get top-rated coverage at affordable rates.

Meeting Your Auto Insurance Needs
Interstate 75 runs parallel to the city, and multiple local routes crisscross the area. On every roadway, there’s a chance for accidents, breakdowns or other vehicle hazards.

Don’t let yourself get caught in a bind without car insurance. Even if you drive safely, you can never prevent every accident risk. That’s why you need coverage to back you up. Peachstate Insurance can issue policies for:

Whether you need liability, comprehensive, collision, uninsured/underinsured or any other type of automobile protection, we’ll help you get it. Our agents can structure your coverage limits to your satisfaction, and we’ll make sure your policy comes at an affordable price. At the end of the day, you’ll have a financial cushion to protect you in case of mistakes and accidents.

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Minimum Policy Requirements

In Georgia, you are required to have insurance at the following minimum limits.

Bodily Injury Liability

  • $25,000 per person
  • $50,000 for multiple people in an accident
Property Damage Liability
  • $25,000 for one accident

Helping You Get Coverage
Marietta residents, get covered by contacting Peachstate Insurance. There are lots of factors that go into determining the correct coverage and policy prices for individual drivers. We’re here to help you navigate those waters.


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