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Many mistakes can happen when you are on the road. You could make a mistake by looking at your phone, or you could simply not see a driver while trying to exit the highway. You also don't know what is happening with each of the other drivers on the road. READ MORE >>

Perhaps you woke up in the middle of the night to the piercing scream of smoke alarms. You grabbed what you could and raced out of your home. The fire was significant and scorched a great deal of the structure. When you finally get into your apartment, there's plenty of damage. READ MORE >>

When requesting a car insurance quote, one of the questions your agent will inquire about is the number of miles you drive each year. If you work 30 minutes from home or travel significantly each day, you are on the road more and therefore, you pose a higher risk to the insurance provider. READ MORE >>

Home insurance is meant to provide you with protection from damage and risks your home and your property could face. In most cases, this includes fires, storm damage, and theft. However, many homeowners don't realize they can file a claim for damage or loss for other items in their home, not just the structure itself. READ MORE >>

After a DUI, it may feel like the world is spinning. It can result in the loss of your drivers license and sky-high car insurance rates. While it can be overwhelming, there is help available in most cases. The penalties you could face will be determined by a court of law. READ MORE >>

As a renter, you probably understand the value of protecting your possessions. If you live in an apartment, a mistake with the neighbors above you could lead to a fire. Theft is also a concern in some areas. However, what you may not have done is take steps to protect your property and your risk of liability from loss. READ MORE >>

Buying a house isn't as easy as choosing one that you like and going through the legal and financial process. If you want to be well prepared for the world of homeownership, then you want to take several steps months before you want to buy. Know Your Budget READ MORE >>

As you get older, your needs change. You may not need a large house anymore. You may be thinking about no longer maintaining as many vehicles as you did while raising children. You may even plan to move to a home on the coastline. When these changes occur, it’s important to consider the changes in your insurance needs. READ MORE >>

Many people are comforted by the soft, scented glow of burning candles throughout fall and winter. But as with any open flame, you must use candles with care. A fire risk in an apartment building can prove to be even more serious than a fire risk in a house due to the sheer nature of sharing a living space. READ MORE >>

Getting married means a lot of changes not just in where you live and perhaps your last name, but also in your financial documents—including your auto insurance. When you get married, your risk level can also change, especially if one of you has a poor driving record. READ MORE >>

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