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Liability insurance is one of the most important types of coverage you can have as a homeowner. It is a key component of your home insurance because it provides you with exceptional protection from accidents. What would happen if your pet bit someone? How much would you have to pay if someone fell on your property and damaged their leg or arm? READ MORE >>

Renters insurance is a valuable investment you can make. As you move into your new location and get settled in, you may wonder what value renters insurance can offer. Then, something happens and you are faced with a significant loss. Why did it occur? What can you do about it? READ MORE >>

One of the risks that vehicle owners face is theft. Although it may not seem as big of a threat today as it used to be, vehicle theft remains a big factor in ownership. However, you can put auto insurance in place to help minimize the risk that you will lose financially should your vehicle be stolen. READ MORE >>

One of the many reasons why there aren’t more accidents is because most people obey the traffic rules and regulations. Most people drive safely, avoid speeding and avoid accidents. Unfortunately, there are times, when someone may choose to drive under the influence, which places everyone on the road at that time in danger. READ MORE >>

How much do you pay for your home insurance? Many factors go into play when it comes to getting the best rate for your home insurance policy. If you have a good credit score and don't make claims too often, you are likely paying an affordable amount for your policy. READ MORE >>

Renters insurance provides you with financial protection. It is generally an inexpensive way to gain protection of your contents and to reduce liability costs if you are sued. Nevertheless, there are several steps you can take to reduce how much you spend on this insurance. READ MORE >>

Sitting down and talking to your teen driver about anything can be a challenge. When it comes to car insurance, he or she may think they already know it all. Yet, as a parent, you know the value of auto insurance when used properly. It's important to pass on this experience and knowledge to your children. READ MORE >>

Driving is a privilege many people take for granted. They may drive after drinking, which increases the risk of getting into an accident. Or they may drive recklessly, speeding down highways and endangering other people’s lives. READ MORE >>

As the winter weather comes and temperatures drop, it more likely that your home's pipes could freeze up. Water running through the pipes can often freeze when temperatures drop significantly, especially at night. When this happens, it causes the metal piping to expand as the ice forms and pushes against it. READ MORE >>

Many mistakes can happen when you are on the road. You could make a mistake by looking at your phone, or you could simply not see a driver while trying to exit the highway. You also don't know what is happening with each of the other drivers on the road. READ MORE >>

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