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If you’re preparing to move into a rental property, you’ve probably been told that renters insurance is a worthwhile investment. However, the prospect of one more recurring bill to keep up with may sound unappealing. But don’t slam on the brakes just yet. READ MORE >>

As you start planning your holiday travels, one consideration that some families overlook is how to keep their home safe while away. But the last thing you want is to come home from vacation only to find that your home has been burglarized. Taking a bit of precaution before leaving can be quite beneficial. READ MORE >>

During the fall season, car-deer collisions rise dramatically. As the cool weather settles in, deer become more active, and the upcoming mating season means their minds are on other things besides looking both ways before crossing the road. READ MORE >>

So, your bad driving has caught up to you and your license has been suspended. Symptoms of bad driving may include: DUI (DWI/OUI) Reckless driving At-fault accidents Driving without insurance Other offenses READ MORE >>

You probably keep all of your important documents—your birth certificate, social security card, diploma and transcripts—in a safe place, but have you documented your possessions so that they can be replaced if their lost due to a fire, flood, theft or other incident? For many people, the answer is "no. READ MORE >>

Alfredo Sandoval has been our customer since 1999.  That’s a record held by a comparatively small group of people, considering we only opened the store one year before he started with us at the Peachstate Norcross-Tucker Office.  Three words define what a special guy he is: compassionate, consistent, driven. READ MORE >>

Getting a car is a huge investment, but keeping it in the best condition possible can save you time and money in the long run. There are a number of things you can do to keep your car running smoothly, while protecting your best interests. Obtaining a Comprehensive Auto Insurance Policy READ MORE >>

A lot of focus is put on pool safety for children. This makes sense because children between the ages of one and five are the most likely to drown. However, each year thousands of people suffer injuries in or around swimming pools. Those injured are of every age group. READ MORE >>

If you're like most people, you've probably never heard of SR-22 insurance.  And like most people, you probably won't need it. Still, it's good to be in the know. SR-22 Insurance, also known as a Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR), is not really insurance. READ MORE >>

Meet Cynthia Lawson, a loyal customer with our Douglasville location for more than 10 years. Cynthia is a genuinely friendly person and always a pleasure to see. It has been amazing to meet her, watch her kids grow up and to now have her grandchildren become a part of our Peachstate Family. READ MORE >>

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