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Chances are you drive multiple times a day, which puts you at risk of being involved in a car accident. If you are not backed up by a reliable insurance policy, you can experience major financial issues if you do have a car accident. By not having auto insurance, you put yourself at risk for: READ MORE >>

The percentage of motorcycle accidents significantly increases during the spring and summer months due to the fact that there are more favorable weather conditions for motorcycle riders and, in general, more people out on the road. Following some simple safety tips can make riding safer and much more enjoyable. READ MORE >>

Washing your boat regularly removes algae, salt and other grime that can cause corrosion and oxidation. Much of the oxidation occurs within the gel coat, which is the outer surface that can deteriorate after prolonged exposure to oxygen in the water and the air. READ MORE >>

Just like with your personal car, big rigs require liability insurance before hitting the road as well. But, while the required coverage is limited, a variety of insurance options exist to give you the option of more comprehensive coverage for your trucks, drivers and cargo. READ MORE >>

If you own expensive items—fine artwork, a vintage car, a custom-designed bicycle, fur coats, a golf cart, musical instruments, high-end jewelry, taxidermy, collectible coins etc.—your renter’s insurance policy may exclude them from coverage. However, contents insurance is designed to make up the difference. READ MORE >>

Each year, thousands of cars are stolen by both professional carjackers and petty criminals. Popular models of high-performance cars and modest sedans are preferred. Sports cars are typically exported overseas while more modest cars are often taken to chop shops, where they are disassembled for the sale of parts. READ MORE >>

Most American climates are a no-go for RVing in the winter, forcing you to store your vehicle until more forgiving driving conditions return. Like with storing any vehicle, it’s all about preparation and location. Let’s look at steps you should take to prepare your RV for the long winter months of non-use. READ MORE >>

Heading off to college for the first time should be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, it could quickly become a nightmare if a fire or theft in your college dorms deprives you of your personal possessions. If you’re moving far from home, the likelihood is that you will have most of your worldly possessions with you. READ MORE >>

A car is stolen every 28 seconds in America. It’s a scenario that you see on TV, one that you think couldn’t happen to you—but it’s more likely than you think. You should always take precaution with your car, even in your own neighborhood, where 33 percent of cars of stolen. READ MORE >>

RVs, also called motorhomes, are favorites for many families who enjoy camping or road tripping across long distances. Just like a car or home, you will need to insure your RV. Most states require you to secure liability coverage, but the policy you buy depends on several factors. READ MORE >>

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