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According to a 2012 survey published by the Insurance Information Institute, only 31 percent of renters purchase a renters' insurance policy. These numbers are surprising when you consider that, in many large cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, renters significantly outnumber homeowners. READ MORE >>

Many homeowners don’t consider the role of personal liability in their Georgia home insurance policy. There is an understanding that insurance covers loss from theft, fire, or natural disasters, along with home content and personal possessions. Most policies provide some coverage for personal liability, but it is often very minimal. READ MORE >>

Purchasing Georgia auto insurance can either be one of the easiest decisions to make, or an overwhelming one for newbies.  On the plus side, there are an abundance of auto insurance service providers like insurance brokers, captive insurance agents and direct writers readily available to service your needs. READ MORE >>

In comparison to auto, health, and life insurance policies, renter’s insurance is rarely publicized. This may be due largely in part because a majority of people tend to place a lot of value on the assets they own. As a tenant, you are exposed to the same amount of risks as a home owner. READ MORE >>

It is never easy to judge how much insurance you need to have on your home to keep your loved ones financially protected. But the actual process of picking the correct amount is much simpler than it might seem if you analyze the notion of insurance and apply its true meaning to your specific situation. READ MORE >>

Help Peachstate Insurance and Toys for Tots deliver toys to children in need this holiday season. The campaign begins December 1st  and runs through Wednesday December 12th.  This is our 5th consecutive drive for the children of Atlanta.  To date we have raised over $2,000 and rounded-up nearly 4,000 new, unwrapped toys. READ MORE >>

If you rent your home, or have considered doing so because it seems to be the better choice for your circumstances, be sure to check into insurance for your belongings. This can be extremely helpful in recovering from theft, as rental homes are burglarized at a rate about 50 percent higher than owner occupied dwellings. READ MORE >>

When people buy home owner’s insurance they often make assumptions that are based on things they may have heard, or that they think “should” be covered by the policy. Unfortunately, these myths keep popping up over and over to the dismay of both the homeowner who thought he was covered and the agent who has to explain that he’s not. READ MORE >>

Each day you run your business you face plenty of risks and potential liabilities. Regardless of how hard you may try to avoid these potential liabilities, they can still adversely affect company’s finances. However, if you have business liability coverage, then you have some protection. READ MORE >>

Parents face a confusing mix of emotions at every stage of their child’s life, but none can compare to the mix of excitement, pride, fear, and anxiety they face as their child turns 16. For your child, 16 is a wonderful age that allows them to experience what real freedom is as they start driving on their own, once they get their license. READ MORE >>

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